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A well functioning, maintained roof heads off leaks, increases energy efficiency and is a beautiful crowning touch to your home. WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE IT INSTALLED BY THE Los Angeles Roofing? The Los Angeles Roofing experts are skilled, certified and insured Installation Services professionals whose work is guaranteed. They will come to you, analyze your entire roofing system – whether flat or sloped – and provide a free estimate, help you select roofing product, and look after every detail related to removing your old roofing and installing a new one. Note too that all of our roofing experts hold Pro Field Guide Certifications (this is the professional designation for top-notch, factory-certified contractors in North America), and are experts in the field, so you can be confident in your choice of TheLos Angeles Roofing, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, for your roofing project. Quality workmanship is a priority and part of our uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction. WHY SHOULD YOU INSTALL THIS PRODUCT? Your roof can’t protect the interior of your home if the shingles are missing, loose, curling, cracked or compromised by algae. Damaged or missing flashing, rotting fascia and decks are also clues it’s time for repair. A new roof provides more than protection; it improves ventilation, energy efficiency and ups the curb appeal of your home. HOW TO TELL IF YOU NEED A NEW ROOF Watch for these signs you may need a roof replacement: Leaking roof in the attic or top floor
Temperature inconsistencies in your home’s interior
Water stains on ceilings
Blistering or peeling paint and plaster on ceilings or walls
Excessive shingle debris in gutters or lawns
Shingles buckling, curling or blistering
Exposure to extreme weather conditions
Trust that Los Angeles Roofing Installation Services expert can help you identify potential problems with your current roof – book a free in-home consultation now! Call 1-800-820-5392, or you can request a quote online and within two days we will contact you to book a free in-home consultation.
A sound roof protects your home and your family, but because your roof is constantly exposed to fluctuating weather and environmental conditions, it’s bound to age. Here are some common sources of roofing wear and tear, and the consequences:
The sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays: They age roofing materials, especially on west and south surfaces.
Rainwater under shingles: This causes rot and threatens the structural integrity of your roof.
High winds: These can lift shingles and force water and debris underneath.
Melting snow: When temperatures rise and climb, refreezing of water can block drainage into gutters and allow water to enter under roofing materials and then inside your home.
Tree branches: These can damage shingles. Leaves on the roof and in gutters can also hold moisture and cause rot and poor drainage.
Missing or torn shingles: This makes it easier for remaining shingles to rip or be blown off, making it easier for moisture to enter and damage the interior roof structure, as well as leak into your home’s interior too.
Keep your Roofing in shape with Roofing maintenance by Los Angeles Roofing.



Los Angeles Roofing installed my new double Roofing almost three years ago. It still looks new, operates like new and has been great. I have recommended them to several friends and we are all happy with both the product and the service  Los Angeles.

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